“Imagination is our monastary, and we are its monks”

SCBM History

Founded in 2022, Saint Carl's Bad Monastery was created for the love and devotion to brewing mead and learning about monastic life.


SCBM Ideology

We take great pride in teaching our candidates to become mead brewmasters. History, recipes, techniques and continuous improvement are our treasure. Fun, fellowship and mead are our goals.

SCBM Future

Our work is never finished and our goal is never reached. We apply sophisticated research and continuous improvement to achieve greater heights.


Life at Monk.Style

Mead is one of the oldest and most loved fermented beverages in the world. We are a group of friends enjoined by this love. We make it, we drink it, we talk about, we live it, we love it! From traditional mead, short mead, spicy mead, mulled mead - you name it, we love it!